- Education

As a former school board president, Dr. Stucky knows first-hand that the worst form of education imaginable is a top-down approach, so he went to Austin to ensure our schools were adequately funded and then to fight for decisions about those funds to be made at the local level.

The budget continues to fund our public education system at current levels and accounts for growth in enrollment with an additional $2.65 billion. One of Governor Abbott's highest priorities, high-quality pre-kindergarten, received $236 million.

Furthermore, Dr. Stucky co-authored House Bill 21 in the special session which will create a Texas Commission on Public School Finance. This is the first step towards finally ending the Robin Hood school finance system and changing the way public schools are funded. Property owners have shouldered far too much of the cost for far too long, and it's time to create a more equitable system.

Additionally, the legislature helped shore up the health care system for retired teachers. During the regular session of the legislature in the spring, $350 million was earmarked in the budget to increase the contribution rate and address the shortfall in TRS-Care. In this special session, another $212 million was added to further buy down premiums. Dr. Stucky was a co-author of this legislation and believes it is critical that we live up to the promises we have made to our retired teachers.