- Pro-Life

This was one of the most pro-life legislative sessions in the history of the Texas Legislature, and Dr. Stucky was on the front lines for these important debates.

Senate Bill 8, which Dr. Stucky co-sponsored, bans partial birth abortions in Texas, and imposes a state jail felony on anyone who performs one, with the single exception of saving the life of the mother. It also bans "dismemberment" abortions, one of the most horrific assaults on innocent life.

Furthermore, in this year’s budget, $18.3 million was allocated to the state’s Alternatives to Abortion program, and Health and Human Services is authorized to spend up to $20 million for more providers and resources to this program. This is a fantastic program that offers a network of crisis pregnancy centers, adoption centers, and maternity homes across Texas to provide support for women in need.

During the summer special session, three pieces of pro-life legislation were passed, all of which Dr. Stucky co-authored. House bill 13 changes reporting requirements for hospitals and clinics, mandating that they report a complication as a result of an abortion separate from general maternal health. The purpose of this bill is to better monitor the impact abortions have on women across Texas.

House Bill 214 removes mandatory coverage for elective abortions from both government and private health insurance plans. This makes Texas the 25th state to pass limits on coverage for abortions.

And House Bill 215 requires doctors to report the way in which a minor received authorization for an abortion, and also requires them to certify the specific abnormality when performing a third trimester abortion due to severe fetal abnormality.