- Border Security

Dr. Stucky promised to make border security a top priority, and true to his word, he was a co-sponsor on Senate Bill 4 in 2017, which effectively banned sanctuary cities in Texas. This legislation prohibits a local government entity or campus police department from adopting policies that limit the enforcement of immigration law, including stopping a peace officer from inquiring about a detained or arrested person’s immigration status. This new law will assist federal immigration enforcement by ensuring that local officials are cooperative with their efforts.

Additionally, the 2017-2019 state budget funded border security to the tune of $800 million and included 250 new DPS troopers to expand operations along the Texas-Mexico border, and increases troopers statewide to a 50-hour work week.

The 2019-2021 budget maintains the levels of funding for border security, while devoting $27.8 million for human and child sex trafficking investigative squads, anti-gang squads, and regional human trafficking investigative squads at the Department of Public Safety. $5.5 million more is set aside for anti-human trafficking enforcement at the T.A.B.C., and $3.4 million for the expansion of the Human Trafficking Prevention section at the Office of the Attorney General.