Border Security / Human Trafficking

Dr. Stucky promised to fight human trafficking in our state. True to his word, as a state budget writer, he successfully fought to increase border security funding by $2.8 billion. Joe Biden and the Democrats have failed us at the border, but Dr. Stucky and fellow conservatives are standing in the gap with new troopers, advanced technology, and a border wall to cut off the flow of smugglers, traffickers, and dangerous criminals crossing into Texas.

Further, he devoted $27.8 million for human and child sex trafficking investigative squads, anti-gang squads, and regional human trafficking investigative squads at the Department of Public Safety. $5.5 million more is set aside for anti-human trafficking enforcement at the T.A.B.C., and $3.4 million for the expansion of the Human Trafficking Prevention section at the Office of the Attorney General.